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Mobile Legends: Paquito Build Guide Jungle Assassin

In this guide, I will discuss the optimal build for Paquito, focusing on the Assassin emblem and key items to maximize his damage potential. Paquito is a hero with high Physical Attack Bonuses, making him an ideal candidate for the Weapon Master talent. Additionally, we will utilize the Lethal Ignition spell to deliver devastating bursts of damage and the Rupture emblem for extra adaptive penetration. Let’s dive into the details.

I use this build, items, and emblems that make me the number one player in Ifugao. So, try using this guide and hopefully, you’ll climb the leaderboard as a top Paquito player and gain more stars.

I. Assassin Emblem Setup:
To fully unleash Paquito’s potential as a Jungle Assassin, I recommend using the Assassin emblem with the following talent setup:

Talent: Weapon Master
Weapon Master provides a bonus to physical attack, which synergizes well with Paquito’s skills that offer high Physical Attack Bonuses. The additional physical attack will significantly enhance your damage output

Talent: Lethal Ignition
Lethal Ignition is a powerful spell that pairs exceptionally well with heroes who rely on skill combos with high burst damage, just like Paquito. This spell inflicts adaptive damage, making it versatile against both tanky and squishy opponents. It can be used multiple times in quick succession to scorch the target for additional adaptive damage.

Talent: Rupture
I added the Rupture talent to boost and assist with extra adaptive penetration.

II. Core Items for Paquito:
Building the right items is crucial for maximizing Paquito’s damage potential in the jungle. Here are the core items we recommend:

Item Build:

  1. Tough Boots:
    To kickstart your journey, the first item you should prioritize is Tough Boots. Paquito excels in close combat, and these sturdy boots provide extra resilience against crowd control effects, allowing you to stay in the fight for longer periods.
  2. Hunter Strike:
    Next up is Hunter Strike. This item is perfect for Paquito, as it grants him additional attack speed, physical penetration, and movement speed. The passive ability, Hunt, enhances Paquito’s mobility and damage potential, making it an excellent choice for skirmishes and quick engagements.
  3. Bloodlust Axe:
    For sustained damage and survivability, Bloodlust Axe is an essential item for Paquito. Its unique passive, Bloodlust, restores a percentage of your hero’s HP every time you deal damage with a skill. Paquito’s skill set relies heavily on skills, and this item will ensure that he can stay in the fight longer, delivering devastating blows to his enemies.
  4. Malefic Roar:
    To penetrate through your enemies’ defenses, Malefic Roar is an excellent choice. Its passive, Armor Buster, allows your basic attacks to ignore a percentage of the enemy’s armor. Paquito’s relentless boxing style will benefit greatly from this item, shredding through tanks and squishy targets alike.
  5. Blade of Despair:
    For pure damage output, there’s no better choice than Blade of Despair. This item amplifies Paquito’s attack power significantly, especially when his target’s HP is below 50%. With the passive, Despair, Paquito’s punches will hit harder and strike fear into the hearts of his opponents.
  6. Immortality:
    Lastly, we have Immortality. This defensive item is a lifesaver, literally. It provides a second chance for Paquito when he falls in battle, reviving him with a percentage of his HP. This can turn the tide of a team fight, allowing Paquito to make a comeback and secure victory for his team.

With the Assassin emblem, Lethal Ignition spell, and the recommended item build, you can unleash the full potential of Paquito as a Jungle Assassin in Mobile Legends. Remember to adapt your item build based on the game’s situation and your opponent’s lineup. Practice your skill combos, make precise decisions, and dominate the battlefield with Paquito’s lethal prowess. So, step into the arena, unleash your inner fighter, and let Paquito’s fists do the talking! Enjoy your jungle fight.