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    Unleashing the Power of Progressive Overload: A Comprehensive Workout Plan

    This is my progressive overload workout plan. As you can see from the pictures above, this routine is designed to target all the major muscle groups and body parts. Additionally, you have the option to include a biceps workout on day 6, allowing you to train both your biceps and triceps twice a week. Remember, it’s important to pay attention to your protein intake as well. After each workout, consider incorporating abdominal crunches or planks to engage your core muscles. If you are new to weightlifting and eager to start your healthy journey, I suggest reading this article before diving into the current one. It will provide you with valuable…

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    Breaking Barriers: The 2nd Phase Beginner Workout to Overcome Plateaus

    Hi again! If you’re here, I assume you’re experiencing a plateau while doing the first phase beginner workout that I shared earlier. It’s normal because when we repeatedly perform the same exercises, targeting the same muscles without changing the weights or adding variety to our workout, there will still be changes, but they will be slower compared to before. That’s what happened to me. No matter how much I lifted, I felt like my muscle growth had stopped or slowed down. Sometimes, I even felt unmotivated to work out because it became monotonous. However, I am determined to change my life for the sake of my health, and I will…

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    My Journey through Beginner Workouts

    Lifting weights and incorporating cardio exercises are essential components of a weight loss journey and muscle building. While I may not be a professional weightlifter or a coach, I would like to share some workouts that I personally engaged in when I began to transform my lifestyle and habits. These workouts were part of my routine for a period of one month, serving as a preparation for my eventual transition into more structured weightlifting programs. I present to you my seven-day workout routine that I followed two years ago. This routine played a significant role in helping me develop the strength and stamina necessary for lifting heavy weights. Beginners, in…