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Breaking Barriers: The 2nd Phase Beginner Workout to Overcome Plateaus

Hi again! If you’re here, I assume you’re experiencing a plateau while doing the first phase beginner workout that I shared earlier. It’s normal because when we repeatedly perform the same exercises, targeting the same muscles without changing the weights or adding variety to our workout, there will still be changes, but they will be slower compared to before. That’s what happened to me. No matter how much I lifted, I felt like my muscle growth had stopped or slowed down. Sometimes, I even felt unmotivated to work out because it became monotonous. However, I am determined to change my life for the sake of my health, and I will be the one benefiting from it. That’s why I did some research to find out why I seemed to have hit a plateau, where I stopped losing weight and my muscles stopped growing. I discovered that it’s called the plateau stage. I’m not saying that doing the same exercise repeatedly won’t bring any changes to your body because there will still be changes, but they will be slow. Again, let me emphasize that I’m not a professional coach or athlete. I just want to share my personal knowledge and experience about this muscle-building journey.

Now, let’s go back to the stage where you’re experiencing a plateau. I read from other professionals that in order to get back on track, you need to add or incorporate new programs into your workouts to challenge your muscles, allow them to recover, and grow. It’s similar to food—if you keep eating the same thing repeatedly, it becomes boring. That’s why making changes to your workout program or adding new exercises can help you enjoy your exercise routine, whether it’s weightlifting or any other type of exercise. After doing the first phase workout for two months, I prepared another variety of exercises that won’t shock my system but will still contribute to my muscle-building journey, and most importantly, I’ll enjoy doing them. But before that, if you haven’t read or tried my first phase workout, please check my initial post about the first phase beginner workout to establish your muscles, mind, and body. I will provide the link below.

Beginner Workout: 1st Phase Workout

So, this is my second phase workout. It focuses more on repetitions and high-intensity intervals because when our heart rate increases, we burn calories faster. I also noticed that when I have less rest time between sets, I sweat more compared to longer rest periods. However, you are still the one who decides how you want to structure your workout phases, but I suggest giving my suggested counts a try.

Additionally, this is a 7-day workout plan, and you can either combine it with the first phase workout simultaneously or follow this workout plan on its own for a duration of 2-3 months. I hope this article proves both informative and helpful in your fitness endeavors.